Diversity and Inclusion Overview


Embracing diversity and inclusion is one of Terradiol’s founding principles. Since the beginning, we have welcomed and encouraged employees and suppliers to work with our company regardless of sex, ethnicity or cultural orientation. Terradiol knows that the differences among us make us stronger and that belief is woven into every facet of our business. We encourage minorities, women, veteran and other diverse groups through our hiring and training and are developing our Minority and Women Business Enterprise “MWBE,” Disadvantaged Business Enterprise “DBE,” and veteran owned supplier base.


Terradiol knows that a diverse employee base enables us to have a greater economic impact in the community. We will foster a work environment that provides opportunity for all. On the supplier side, we understand that partnering with minority, woman, disadvantaged and veteran owned businesses creates opportunities to share our business knowledge, expertise and ultimately grow and prosper together.


We have aggressively pursued diversity in employment and in our supplier base in our operations and we believe this experience is critical to our success.


As you read this, we hope you get a sense of our commitment to the communities we have operations in. Terradiol is committed to focusing on diversity and inclusion in the areas of employment, suppliers of goods and services, construction contracting, community reinvestment and market branding.



John Vavalo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Terradiol Operating Diversity and Inclusion Infrastructure

Diverse Ownership and Advisory Board

Terradiol is a diverse company, not a company with a diversity plan.


We don’t simply employ diverse participants – we are diverse.


Our ownership, management and advisory board is diverse in terms of race, gender, and veteran status.


Terradiol is diversity.

  • Two of Terradiol’s five principals are African-American, one of whom is a veteran.
  • Our Chief Operations Officer is African-American and our Director of Compliance a woman;
  • Our Advisory Board is comprised of three African-Americans and two women.


Our Chief Operations Officer, Dennis Duval, brings a life-long commitment to diversity and advocacy of diverse populations.  Mr. Duval is serving a second term as a member of the Board of Directors for Onondaga County, NY, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).


Terradiol Operating Overview

From a diversity and inclusion philosophy, Terradiol is aligned with ensuring the involvement of diverse participants and diverse groups in ownership, management, board representation, employment, and contracting opportunities. It is our intention to employ and transact business with diverse participants/groups.


Overview and Timelines

In order to foster successful diversity and inclusion programs for employees and suppliers, it is critical to have support from the top down. An infrastructure has been established which is primarily responsible for the advancement of Terradiol’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, in our Corporate Diversity Council (here “Council”). The Council acts to facilitate change, to set agendas and to internally and externally market the Company’s goals and objectives.


Corporate Diversity Council

The Corporate Diversity Council sets the diversity and inclusion vision and objectives for Terradiol and oversees implementation. The Council meets quarterly to monitor current initiatives as well as set the direction of future programs and initiatives.


The following organizational chart details our Corporate Diversity Council:


It is important to note that the Council is chaired by Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer Dennis Duval, who has three decades of experience successfully managing diverse organizations at the highest levels, including the Syracuse, NY Police Department and two minority, for-profit enterprises.  Dino Dixie, a principal, is also a member of the Diversity Council.  He operates a NY MBE construction management firm.  There are also two additional Board members as well as other members of senior management represented on the Diversity Council.  Diversity is a priority of our principals and senior management.


The duties of the Corporate Diversity Council

The Company’s diversity initiatives can be separated into three distinct areas, and below is a brief summary of their roles which will be more fully described in this Diversity and Inclusion Plan.


  1. Procurement: Provides opportunities to develop and help Minority and Women Business Enterprises, Disadvantaged and Veteran owned Businesses grow.


  1. Human Resources: Provides opportunity to all minority and other diverse employees and applicants. Provides training and education programs to promote and develop current and prospective employees. The goal is to have a representative workforce which mirrors the demographics in and around the communities in which Terradiol will operate.


  1. Construction: Provides opportunity to minority, women, disadvantaged and Veteran owned contractors. In addition, we will actively facilitate collaborations between large contractors and subcontractors.


The above summary is meant to demonstrate that Terradiol has a formal infrastructure in place devoted to advancing diversity goals.  This system in  provides for accountability both internally and as good corporate citizens, externally to the communities in and around our operations.


Programmed Philanthropy

It is our belief that philanthropy can go a long way in impacting diversity. Through our programmed charitable giving initiative, Terradiol will strive to empower, enrich, enhance and enlighten the communities in which we operate. Our chief objective is to provide a better quality of life for our employees and the communities they live in.


The Mission for Terradiol’s philanthropy is simple:

Making an absolute difference in the lives of the people who live, work and play in the communities in which we do business.